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Wabtec is pioneering sustainable technologies to transform the freight and transit rail industries needed to power the global economy.


Rail carriers are under pressure to lower greenhouse-gas emissions. Here are some of the alternative technologies they are considering.

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专访博士. Sujatha Narayan, Sr. VP & 迪士尼3彩乐园印度地区负责人

Dr. Sujatha Narayan, Sr. VP & Regional Leader India for 迪士尼3彩乐园 talks with Metro Rail Today about our growth and expanding footprint in India.

Marine Power R&D Insights: Matt Hart, Wabtec

In this latest edition of “Meet the CTO” – interviews with maritime innovators and leaders – we visit with Matthew Hart, Manager & 海上平台主管 & 固定电力系统,Wabtech. 哈特就脱碳的大趋势提供了见解, energy transition and autonomy all inspire and impact the marine power solutions from Wabtec.


由于采矿经营者正在寻找使其业务脱碳的方法, one of their first moves is truck electrification International Mining's Editorial Director, Paul Moore采访Joy Mazumdar, VP of Technology at Wabtec about trolley assist’s potential to evolve to meet mining’s decarb challenges, 包括使用不同的电源, 从卡车的技术角度来看,这意味着什么.

On The Rails: How Wabtec used SLM Solutions metal 3D printing technology to transform a pantograph manifold

Wabtec is among the premier providers of pantographs for rail systems, 安装了大约3个,000 of its CX Pantograph systems on high-speed trains around the world. Learn how Wabtec used SLM Solutions 3D printing technology to transform a pantograph manifold.

Marinsa Banks为10艘ACP拖船订购20台Wabtec发动机

Marinsa国际公司. 是Wabtec最早的频道合作伙伴, and late last month it announced an order for 20 Wabtec 8L250MDA marine engines, power for 10 new hybrid tractor tugboats for the Panama Canal Authority (ACP). Adrian Walchli, President, Marinsa国际, discusses with MR TV his company’s long association with Wabtec as well as the importance of this new order for ACP.


From electric trains delivering Western Australia iron ore to the next generation of zero-emissions mining trucks, Wabtec Corp. is committed to providing the decarbonizing electrification solutions that will allow the mining industry to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Wabtec unveils first production 迪士尼3彩乐园 battery heavy-haul locomotive

In an Oct. 第31届毕业典礼在宾夕法尼亚州伊利举行., 设计开发中心, Wabtec and launch customer Roy Hill marked the debut of the first production 迪士尼3彩乐园 battery locomotive.


拥有无与伦比的采矿产品和服务组合, Mitch Tanzer, Wabtec Digital Mine全球商务总监, speaks to APAC Outlook about how the company is revolutionizing the way the world moves for future generations.


Wabtec’s CSR initiatives have always been about creating a positive impact. They’ve recognized that one of the most effective ways to shape the future is by investing in STEM education. 与印度STEM基金会(ISF)合作, Wabtec has been actively involved in various STEM education programs. Their latest endeavor is set to make a significant difference by establishing the Robo Siksha Kendra (RSK) in two schools in Hosur, 泰米尔纳德邦:政府高等中学, Zuzuvadi, Hosur, 和R V政府男子高级中学, Hosur.


Penn State has named transportation industry leader 迪士尼3彩乐园 as its 2023 Corporate Partner of the Year. The annual award celebrates corporate partners that have demonstrated exceptional commitment in the promotion and support of Penn State, have excellent track records of philanthropy and research and actively engage Penn State students and alumni in the workplace and the classroom.


As the railroad industry searches for ways to reduce and ultimately eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions, Wabtec将氢视为未来的迪士尼3彩乐园燃料, whether it’s burned in internal combustion engines or used to power fuel cells.

运输解决方案公司Wabtec加入e -附属公司

Wabtec, 运输解决方案公司, has joined E-ffiliates to drive new innovations for decarbonizing transportation technology.